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Jaw Realignment

Our office has a 40-year history as the premier office in Northern Virginia for patients that require jaw surgery to correct their bite. In rare cases, a person’s bite problem is not the result of poorly positioned teeth, but actually is due to poorly positioned jaws.

In those cases it is important that the source of the problem is addressed, and the jaw positions are corrected. The need for jaw surgery may be discussed during the complimentary initial consultation. We work closely with a team of surgeons throughout the planning and treatment of our cases. Our results speak for themselves.

Signs a patient may need jaw surgery:

  • Extremely small or large jaw
  • Large open bite in the front teeth
  • History of cleft lip and/or palate or other developmental disturbance
  • Jaw pain (TMD) in the presence of a small or large jaw
  • Lower jaw is positioned to the side (not centered) compared to the top jaw


Hudson Orthodontics - Before and After Orthodontic Treatment

Hudson Orthodontics - Before and After Orthodontic Treatment

Jaw Realignment - Before & After