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How Digital Impressions Are Changing The Game

Posted on April 15, 2019

Hudson Orthodontics - Top benefits of digital impressions

No one looks forward to having dental impressions made. The gooey consistency and how it hardens awkwardly is enough to make several of my patients gag outright. But guess what? The goo is gone for good. At least, in my office it is.

Hello Digital Impressions!

Yep. We’ve gone digital and the benefits are huge. Below, I’m going to explain the top 4 benefits of digital impressions and why you should request digital impressions if you can.


By switching to digital impressions, I’m able to get the necessary information to the lab in moments rather than days. Not only that, it takes a significant less amount of time to take a digital impression than a traditional one.


With digital impressions, I can scan the top and bottom arches more efficiently. What does that mean for you? It means we can take breaks and you won’t have to hold still as long. Another benefit is that my patients get to see their teeth in a 3D image. This really helps them to understand how Invisalign® or braces will help correct their specific issue. Finally, the best benefit for my patients is that there’s no ooey-gooey mess.


When data is able to be sent digitally, I can literally send it anywhere in a snap. Because of that, I’m able to select the best companies to partner with in order to help my patients get the best results possible.


Digital impressions are simply more accurate than traditional impressions.  With traditional impressions, if one bite mark is off, it can mess up the entire process. Whereas with digital impressions, those mistakes and miscalculations don’t occur because every detail of a patient’s bite is captured with precision.

So, moral of this digital tale – ask your orthodontist for digital impressions! You’ll be glad you did.

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